St. Joseph's Cathedral, Hanoi – a quaint beauty locating in the middle of the Capital

For the Capital’s Catholics, hardly anyone doesn’t know about this Cathedral. Nowadays, it’s not only open to the Catholics for ceremonial purposes, but also attracting tourists of all backgrounds.

The history of St. Joseph’s Cathedral in Hanoi

Not until the late 1800s was the Bao Thien Pagoda destroyed, and then a small market was established. Up till 1884 – 1888, the construction of the Cathedral was initiated by the Catholic Church, and was named St. Joseph’s Cathedral. The inauguration was held at Christmas in 1887.

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Thailand Traditional Dances

Thailand – the land of golden temples – is more than just a country with religious sites. Thailand culture is rich with many interesting things waiting to be explored including traditional convention, costumes, music, and dance. Traditional Thai dance is both graceful and elegant which consists of many different forms revealing the Thai culture from the old to modern time. With, take a brief tour exploring the different types of Thailand dances.

The dance of Thai people is a beautiful combination of flexible body movements inside colorful and sparkling costumes on the flow of traditional music. The dance is divided into six types with the name of Kohn, Li-khe, Ram wong, Shadow puppetry, Lakhon lek, and Lakhon.

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